Christ Church Tarravile Today

Christ Church - new fence and fresh paint 2017
NEW 9.00am service to be held on the
fifth Sunday in the month.
The Church is no longer running regular worship services, but is still available for Special Services such as weddings, funerals and baptisms. etc.
In 2016 Christ Church celebrated 160th Anniversary with a special civic ceremony, a memorabilia display at The Historic Tarraville School House and a service of Evensong conducted by The Right Reverend Kay Goldsworthy Bishop of Gippsland.

The original design was by J. H. W. Pettit and George Hastings. It was built with no nails in 1856 and dedicated to the Anglican Church in Gippsland.  The unique and beautiful Victorian Carpenter Gothic Church building was orginally built with "tongue-and-groove" method of joining the solid timber together.
[Photo by Amy Hooke 2014 click here]

The Church and its grounds have been renovated and kept in good condition. It has had a number of cosmetic changes over the years being painted different colours. It is currently blue and white.

Christ Church Tarraville is a part of the Anglican Parish of Yarram which consists of two other Churches, Holy Trinity in Yarram and St. John's Anglican in Port Albert.

1946 Centenary

[Photo by Amy Hooke 2014 click here]

[Wording from the 1946 board by the front entrance, below]

Photo Album

[Photo by Amy Hooke 2014 click here]

[Photo by Amy Hooke 2014 click here]

[Photo by Amy Hooke 2014 click here]

[Photo by Amy Hooke 2014 click here]

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